Welcome to Chic Maternity


Welcome to Chic Maternity! Where fashion meets affordability...

At Chic Maternity we believe that being pregnant is one of the most special and precious times in a woman's life. Yes there are some 'not so fun' parts of being pregnant but for the most part it is a wonderful experience. During this most precious time we believe that expecting mums should not only feel great but also look great, as well as be able to show off their growing glowing bump. 

Our goal is to provide trendy, fashionable maternity wear at affordable prices. Having a baby costs a lot of money so we want to take the expense out off shopping for maternity wear. As a mum of a 2 year toddler and another one on the way I can definitely relate to not being able to find fashionable, inexpensive maternity wear. For this very reason I decided to launch Chic Maternity. 

The team at Chic Maternity really love finding and bringing you gorgeous, trendy clothing and we do really hope that you love shopping with us. We will have new products arriving all the time as well as great giveaways and specials, so please be sure to checkout our website regularly. 


Adelicia xx


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