8 Unexpected Things About Pregnancy That Are Actually the Best...

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It’s not all morning sickness and swollen ankles!

Pregnancy is such an exciting time in anyone’s life. And while it’s easy to get caught up on the negative aspects, like when morning sickness lasts all day and your heartburn feels like you’re making a volcano inside you, not a baby – sometimes it’s nice to remind yourself there are definitely plenty of pros to being pregnant.

Let's take a look:

Instant boob job!

The breasts naturally enlarge as milk ducts fill in the early stages of pregnancy, allowing the body to prepare for nursing. The enlargement occurs because of an increase in pregnancy hormones progesterone, estrogen, and human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). This means that you can expect to go up a cup size or two…for free!  

Random acts of kindness

In most cases, people are just much friendlier to pregnant people. Have you ever noticed on public transport or in a packed restaurant – even if there’s only standing room – someone always manages to give their seat to a pregnant woman? Or those who would usually cut in front of you at the supermarket check-out are letting a pregnant person jump ahead of them.

Of course, partners are usually first to jump in with kind gestures like little foot rubs. And while we know how important it is to receive support from your partner, it really just seems like even strangers want to help or take care of you. It’s lovely to have the opportunity to enjoy some special attention before you need to care for your baby 24/7.

Shopping for two!

Not that we ever need an excuse to shop, right ladies? Though we’re not suggesting an entire wardrobe overhaul, it may be worth investing in a few pieces that make you feel amazing and show off that growing baby bump. If the idea of shopping for maternity wear gives you anxiety, maybe consider involving a fashion styling expert to help you along. “It’s about helping ordinary people become extraordinary by the way they dress, look and feel about themselves,” says Director of Professional Styling Academy, Cindy Newstead. Once people understand which clothing fits their body type, throwing an outfit together is a breeze!

Blame it on ‘baby brain’

You now have a legitimate excuse for messing up those simple tasks and forgetting little things here and there. ‘Baby brain’ is no myth and apparently, pregnancy does change the brain’s functioning. It all comes down to grey matter reduction. Research suggests this happens during pregnancy because the woman’s brain is “probably recruiting those areas to more important areas associated with the business of child-rearing - so things like bonding, and social cognition,” says researcher Linda Byrne. So feel free to blame your mishaps on the little person growing inside of you, it’s the real deal!

Your skin looks radiant

The ‘pregnancy glow’ is real, ladies! “More blood flow to the skin gives a ‘rosy’ appearance, and makes the face appear fuller as well,” says Ob/Gyn Brandye Wilson-Manigat, M.D. This, combined with increased cell turnover, results in a radiance and smoothness of the skin you can enjoy throughout your pregnancy.

Your hair gets the Rapunzel treatment

Well, technically it’s more of a hormonal effect. Scientific testing has proven the hair isn’t actually growing thicker but rather, it’s just falling out less. The body’s tendency to produce more estrogen during pregnancy delays the hair loss process, leaving soon-to-be mums with thick, glossy hair.  

You get a built-in table!

Pregnant women balancing stuff on their bellies is a real thing. Yes, it’s hilarious to see women treating their bump like conveniently located bench space. I mean some people take it to a whole new level, but in reality, it’s really handy for collecting food that happens to miss your mouth. Nice catch, baby!

No judgment

Being pregnant pretty much excludes you from all forms of judgment. All those things that people would typically comment on won’t even be an issue for the next nine months because pregnancy is a judgment-free zone. Naps during the day? It’s okay; you’re making a baby. Doughnuts for breakfast? That’s not unhealthy, that’s what we call ‘cravings.’ Enjoy spending this time doing the things you feel your body needs.
Pregnancy may have its challenges, but you’ll be surprised how many little things you’ll miss after the baby arrives. So enjoy the journey, relish the experience and take the time to care for your mind and body.


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