Maternity Leave is Here…But Baby Isn’t. Top 5 Things To Do Before You Go Into Labour!

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The world eagerly awaited the birth of the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex's baby, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. While it is all very exciting waiting in anticipation for the impending arrival of a little one have some sympathy for the mum-to-be eagerly waiting and waiting and waiting for their little bundle of joy to arrive. The last few weeks of pregnancy are usually what feels like the toughest and longest time.

I mean I even struggled in the last couple of weeks leading up to the birth of both my boys, and I went into labour about a week before my due date. So, I feel you mumma if you are overdue and waiting for your little one to make their grand entrance. Well instead of waiting around anxiously, here are the Top 5 things to do while waiting for your little one to arrive.

1. Nest

Nesting is basically preparing your “nest” for the arrival of your new baby. Life will become hectic when baby arrives so if you get that urge to start nesting…go for it. Make the most of this time to wash all the baby clothes, sort out their nursery, go shopping and pick up those last-minute items that you will need for your newborn. Remember to not over-do it, you are in the last trimester and you are carrying precious cargo. Drink lots of water, take regular snack breaks and don’t do any heavy lift or climbing of ladders. Trust me you will most likely not get a chance to clean out the pantry or the when bubs arrives.


2. Have a Manicure and Pedicure

Trust me, this time of waiting should be used wisely as you may not get a chance to pamper yourself after birth. When the baby arrives and you are sleep deprived, constantly changing diapers and constantly waiting for the moment to have a decent shower and wash your hair you are going to wish you had taken some time for you. Whatever sort of pampering suits you, make the appointment and simply relax and enjoy that quiet ‘you time’. The relaxation will certainly help to calm your nerves and reduce any anxiety or stress you may have while waiting to go into labour.


3. Catch up with your Girlfriends

I wish I had done more of this while I was on maternity leave. When my first son was born I never left the house (unless it was for a doctor appointment) for about 2 months. While I absolutely loved being home those first few months and enjoying every second of ‘oooiing’ and ‘ahhhing’ over my son, I did miss my friends and those regular coffee catch ups and chats that you can sometimes take for granted. Being a new mum, especially a first time mum it can take a while to form a routine and get back out there socialising with friends so make the most of those coffee dates before baby arrives.


4. Take a Babymoon

I you are able too, take a little break, it doesn’t have to be a big holiday just a little getaway for you and your partner. Remember your partner is probably also very anxious about the arrival of the baby and about being a dad. So, while it is just the two of you, enjoy a relaxing getaway. Or if you are unable to take a mini holiday, then why not organise a few date nights, make a reservation at your favourite restaurant, go to the movies and just spend quality time together. Connecting with your partner now will help you feel supported and safe come time for labour. Do ensure that you get your doctors approval for any travel near or far. 


5. Rest, rest and rest some more 

We can’t say it enough. Put your feet up and just rest, we’re taking Netflix and chill to a whole new level. Binge watch your favourite series, watch a bunch of movies or simply take regular naps. The more rested you are before baby arrives the better. Both of my boys were shocking sleepers, they barely slept for long periods at night and would only like to sleep in my arms day and night so I know all the feels. Depending on your baby’s needs you may not get a chance to put your feet up when he or she arrives so make the most of it beforehand and well do it just because you can.



Remember you won’t be pregnant forever, while it is frustrating in those last few weeks. Take some time for you and to sort out those important things that need to be done before baby arrives. It can be hard in the home stretch but cherish your pregnancy and feel those kicks because if you are like me you will miss being pregnant when it is all done.


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