Top 5 Tips for Designing your Nursery

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Ah the much to think about, colours, style, furniture. It can all be a little daunting and you may have no idea where to start to create that perfect space for you new baby. Here are 5 tips to help you in designing your perfect nursery. 

1. Choose a specific theme

Design your nursery around a specific theme. Find a piece you love and work around that to create a theme for the room. This will help to narrow your ideas down as well creating a cohesive vibe throughout the nursery. 

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Your nursery should be a place of calm, peace and relaxation so avoid clutter. Make sure you have plenty of efficient storage space in cupboards or drawers to store things away when not needed. There will be plenty of nights when you’re up rocking bubs to sleep so you will want to ensure you have plenty of space to move around without tripping or bumping into things. 

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3. Get a nightlight

You will be needing one of these, they are great for those night time feeds, plus no one wants to be fumbling around in the dark trying to find nappies and wipes when you need to do a middle of the night nappy change. The night light at this stage is more for you than for the baby so ensure you place it in a spot where you will need it at night for example next to the changing station. Avoid placing a night light near your baby’s sleeping area as this could interfere with their sleep. 

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4. Cover those Windows

You want to create a space that can mimic night time at any time of the day. That means you need to ensure your windows have a thick curtain or block out blinds that you can use to create that “night time” feeling for your baby when they are having their daytime sleeps. Babies are smart if their nursery is not dark enough they are going to know its day time and that means party time for them, and oh boy do we need them to take those naps (for our sanity).

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5. Create a nursing station 

You are going to be spending a lot of time nursing, and so you need to ensure that everything that you might need during feeds are at arms reach. Choose a comfortable chair, the Ikea armchair was my fav! Pop a cute little cushion on it for your back and you’re good to go. Ensure you have a table next to you so you have somewhere to keep your water so you stay hydrated during nursing. Also very handy, is if there is a power point nearby with a charger, I cannot tell you the number of times I was nursing and my phone was dying and desperately needed a charger.

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